The Brady Bunch kitchen

7 04 2009

 If you were a child in the 70’s you have hours of memories in this kitchen waiting for Alice to finish her pot roast.

 If I  had to guess this looks like a Thermador 4 burner cooktop with a built in griddle and a matching Thermador double wall oven. I am Not sure but, I think that’s a built in indoor barbecue grill next to the ovens?

 Do you think this trendy kitchen with its stainless appliances has some type of psychological impact on our desire for stainless appliances?    Did you have a live in maid cooking for you when you were growing up?   Watch an episode on you tube to see more of this kitchen and let me know what you think.  Now that I think about it this kitchen also had an avocado green side by side refrigerator and I think that color will most likely be on back order for a few decades………

 click on the picture to listen to the theme song

 Trivia to test how groovy your knowledge is……..

1.The Brady’s lived at?

2.The only Brady kid to appear in every episode?

3. Name only three cast members to appear in all 117 episodes of the series?

answers at the bottom of this post

Thanks for reading Joe’s Appliance Blog

Joe Maltase



If you need a bigger brady bunch fix go to I love the brady bunch site for more fun stuff  like this……


Answers to trivia

1. 4222 Clinton Way

2.Barry Williams (Greg Brady)

3.Barry Williams (Greg Brady), Ann B. Davis (Alice) and Florence Henderson(Carol Brady)

Thanks for reading Joe’s Appliance Blog

Joe Maltase




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7 09 2010
Jeff Winne

I really want to say thanks for the meeting we had last week.
I have found some great tools for our next training on the 18th.


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