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Miele countertop coffee maker

8 10 2011

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Designed for demanding coffee connoisseurs, the new Miele CM 5200 allows you to choose coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato using fast-access buttons. Other choices are caffè latte, hot milk, milk froth and hot water. This coffee machine also prepares two identical drinks simultaneously – simply press the Start button twice. As on all Miele coffee machine models, the quantity of ground coffee, the brew temperature, the prebrew setting and the volume of coffee delivered can all be adjusted easily to taste.

Come on down to the store and I will show you the quality of drink you could enjoy everyday in the comfort of your own home.

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Before you visit the store

20 03 2011

 Measure Your Space

Measure the height, width and depth of the refrigerator cutout space in your kitchen.

W= right to left space opening

D= front to back ideal depth

H=top to bottom max height


 If the refrigerator has an icemaker, allow extra space at back for water line connections. Measure the clearance of doorways, hallways and other points of entry that will be used to deliver your new refrigerator

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This could be your new kitchen

3 12 2010

Our kitchens offer us daily comfort. It’s the cozy zone where cookies are baked and chicken soup simmers. It’s where homework gets done and couples unwind with a glass of wine at the end of a long day. During family celebrations and challenging times alike, it’s the heart of the home where people reconnect and lasting memories are made.

So, just in time for the holidays, Here is a  batch of delicious culinary spaces for  homeowners who are dining out less, cooking more, and putting their kitchen to the test.

image image

image image

The goal is to  enjoy the experiences  you and your kitchen are capable of  creating. So, go cook something and contact me if you have any appliance needs.

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Is this the kitchen of the future?

1 08 2010

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The Ekokook kitchen is complex and addresses many needs beyond cooking, such as the short-term storage of fresh vegetables, water conservation, container gardening, sorting waste, recycling, and composting. They have even made it simple to break down waste storage into categories of solid, organic, and liquid. There are also accommodations for energy-saving appliances, such as a twin-tier dishwasher, steam oven, and compartmentalized refrigerator.

to learn more visit

If you want one of these kitchen setups you will have to hope that they introduce a unit for use in north america.

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Steam ovens are the new gota have appliance for your kitchen

18 07 2010

Thermador has just introduced a Steam and Convection oven, this is a great steam oven that combines three distinct cooking solutions with a huge collection of built-in advanced features, all designed to help you easily produce moist, flavorful food that’s restaurant quality .

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for steam_oven_pro1.jpg

Innovative cooking technologies are become a key part of any new kitchen design, and new innovations will continue to enable you to cook faster, more efficiently while enabling you to produce restaurant quality results in your own kitchen.

come visit me at Albert Lee Appliance in seattle and I will gladly show you how great this little oven is

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23 03 2010

3 Methods to clean your bbq  grill grates

Method 1: Turn on “HI” for 15-20 minutes to burn any remaining food particles. After turning the grill “OFF”, use a bristle barbeque brush to remove any remain in food particles or ash.

 Method 2: The easiest way to clean the grill is immediately after cooking is completed and after turning off the flame. Wear a barbeque mitt to protect your hand from the heat and steam.  Dip a soft brass bristle barbeque brush in a mixture of 2 cups of tap water and 1/2 cup of vinegar and scrub the hot grill.  Dip the brush frequently in the bowl of water and vinegar. Steam, created as water contacts the hot grill, assists the cleaning process by softening any food particles.  The food particles will fall onto the ceramic rods and burn or fall in to the drip pan.  If the grill is allowed to cool before cleaning, cleaning will be more difficult.

 Method 3: Take about 1 foot of aluminum foil, crumbled up in a ball and rubbing it over cooled grates to release food particles.

 NOTE: Grill grates must be re-seasoned after cleaning to prevent rust stains. This is done by rubbing your clean grates with canola oil.

For more grilling tips or questions about the best grill for you

 please contact me by email

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